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Recognising Your Support

The Foundation is grateful for all forms of donations great or small, and places great importance on appropriately and sensitively recognising donors. Public acknowledgement can serve as an important example of philanthropic leadership to others who may be contemplating to donate.

The following are just some of the ways the Foundation expresses recognition of the thoughtfulness and generosity of donors.

  • Recognition on the Foundation website

  • The naming of a scholarship

  • Invitation to special events


Acknowledgements will be formally made during the ACP hosted Conferring Ceremony, an international phlebology conference held annually in various capital cities in Australia and New Zealand. 

Scholarship donors traditionally enjoy meeting with students who receive their generous support. This enables the donor to actively learn of the students’ academic progress and personal growth. Donors who support other programs such as research areas are provided opportunities to meet with faculty staff and researchers, tour facilities and be briefed on research and teaching developments.

The Foundation respects the wishes of donors. All donor details are kept confidential and donations can be made in confidence with anonymity assured at the donor’s request.

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